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Scherer Mazda

2300 West Pioneer Parkway
Peoria, IL 61615

  • Sales: (866) 982-3698
  • Service: (309) 691-0300
  • Parts: (309) 691-0300

You know who you're dealing with?!?!

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  • Christi Foster
    (309) 691-0300

    To run a successful business, you have to start with a great first impression. Most of the time that first impression is the person who greats you at the door or welcomes you on the phone. We choose Christi to be our customer's first impression. Call or stop in soon, and you'll agree.

  • Eryn Scherer
    Customer Relations Manager
    (309) 691-0300

    Goodness. What do you say about your wife that's an employee... You're breathtaking, Eryn. I don't know what I'd do without you, my love. You complete me. And my customer relationships. If you receive the wrong communication (which would never ever ever happen), let her know and she'll fix it. She's THAT good.

  • Edris Bobo

  • Tina Kendall
    Office Manager
    (309) 691-0300

    "Tina's the thumb. You know what that means? If not - you'll figure it out. Her real name is Christina but she only wants to be called Tina. My goal is to call her Christina at least once a day for the rest of her life."

  • Tom Miller
    Assistant Office Manager
    (309) 691-0300

    "As smart as they come. Here's a regular lunchbreak questionfor Tom Miller... "Whatchya reading, Tom?" I'm pretty sure one day his answerwas "The Babylonian concept of Englishcolonialism."yyyyep.

  • Greg Abbott
    Mazda Certified Sales and Leasing Consultant

    "I mean... who wouldn't buy a car from this guy? That's a rhetorical question, by the way! Greg has workedwith my family for years. He's asthorough and professional as the day is long. As a customer, a fellow employee,or an employer- Greg is an absolute joy to work with."

  • Tim Simpson
    Mazda Certified Sales and Leasing Consultant

    Get this - Tim has worked here since the first day but a long time ago we had a big disagreement. And we parted ways. No time passed and we were on the phone telling each other how much we needed each other and that we were sorry and that we'll never disagree again. Well... we disagree plenty, but I do love the man.

  • Jody Scherer Maske
    Mazda Certified Sales and Leasing Consultant

    My sister, Jody, makes buying cars fun. yeah - I know - I said 'buying cars' and 'fun' in the same sentence. Well, it's true. She and I have known this business since we were born so she's one of the best consultants you'll find ANYWHERE.

  • Jenni Bennett
    Mazda Certified Sales and Leasing Consultant
    (309) 691-0300

    Remember Lums? Jenni's family started Lums. If you don't know what I'm talking about, chances are you're super young or you're not originally from here. I mention this because she and I are from the same mold... hard working, value driven, handshake-makes-the-deal kind of people. Jenni's that and much more.

  • Keith Frick

    "I was thinking about sprucing up Keith's title with something like Used Car Whisperer, but I'd probably be the only one who would think it's funny.  Keith has worked for my family off and on for over 20 years (19 with a mustache).  I learn from Keith every day.  He's, hands down, one of the best in the business."

  • Pat Scherer
    General Sales Manager

    "If you have a great experience buying a car here - thank Patrick.  Then again, if you have a bad experience - thank Patrick.  He taught me EVERYTHING I know.  It wouldn't be a real team without him."

  • Scott Saver
    Business Manager
    (309) 691-0300

    "I've known Scott for over 20 years. I know - how is that when I only look 20 years old? Well I'm not.

    Scott's the guy that keeps us positive. Scott brings the two most important things in the history of business to work with him every day: Knowledge & Enthusiasm.

  • Isaiah Faughn
    Assistant Service Manager
    (309) 691-0300

    I don't know where we find these guys but someone looks over us. This man is ON 24/7. Isaiah cares about your well being and measures his own performance accordingly. He's extremely personable. He's light hearted and kind. A perfect personality for a service department.

  • Dan Adcock
    Certified Service Consultant
    (309) 691-0300

    "Dan's a retired cop which means he's by the book. He tries to hide all that tough cop stuff by being super nice and kind and super professional, but I'm not stupid.I know heknows about all my traffic violations and trouble I got in college and judges me for driving too fast on the lot. It's my lot, you know."

  • Matt Stevens
    Mazda Certified Technician

    "Matt is actually a Saturn certified technician as well, so all you old Saturn owners, there's no better person to work on your vehicle."

  • Dale Scogin
    Mazda Certified Technician

    "Dale has been working on Mazda's for 30 years.  His whole family owns Mazda's.  I am so fortunate that Dale took a leap of faith and believed in where we're taking this brand." 

  • Wes Dole
    Mazda Technician

  • Randy Koch
    Fixed Operations Director

    "Not a day goes by that I don't pick up the phone to hear aservicecustomertell me oftheir appreciation of the young man that helped them in service.His secret is one thatwe all could learn from - he listens That's why he runs the department."

  • Don Bell
    Shuttle Chauffer

    "Don has worked for us for several years.  Our customers love him.  Our entire team loves him.  He has a very kind spirit and he's there whenever you need him."

  • Jim Scherer

    My promise to you: Genuineconcern forfinding youa greatcar, one thatyou need andone that you're excited about - atthe most competitive pricing out there. And believe it or not, wemay just makebuyingit...fun.

  • Rob Barlow
    Marketing Extraordinaire

    "Rob writes our commercials and handles our marketing.  He gets it.  He understands the clutter of car dealer's messages, and he simplifies it.  Oh - and I've never seen him without a hat."

  • Keith Cotton
    Scherer Mazda Certified Photographer

    "Keith Cotton Photography.  3217 N Prospect.  Peoria, IL 61603. (309) 863.5078 - You like our pic's?  Keith's your guy.  Sometime's he wears a knit hat in the summer, which I firmly disagree with."

  • Jim Livengood
    Parts Assistant Manager

    Jim Livengood. That's his name. That's why we hired him.

Some of us have grown a beard since this pic, some have shaven, some have lost weight, some have gained, but our smiles remain the same.