$15 Off Mazda Brake Special

Most modern automobiles engineered today have a brake system that provides the stopping force to each wheel location to slow down and stop the vehicle as needed. The system is hydraulic because it relies on brake fluid to transfer power from the brake pedal through the master cylinder and to each wheel. The brake system is complex with several vital parts that can start to show signs of wear and tear. Every Brake System Service includes a Certified Master Mazda Technician that will inspect the entire system including the brake lines, brake fluid, calipers, master cylinder, brake pads, and rotors to ensure that they are functioning properly. Brake pads are a weak point in the brake system by design because they are made of a composite material that wears down incrementally. Even though your brake pads are durable, they will eventually get too thin and require replacement.


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Why is Mazda Brake Fluid Important?

The heartbeat of your Mazda brake system is brake fluid that transfers stopping power into every wheel in order to appropriately stop your vehicle. This makes Mazda brake fluid important in terms of both your driving experience and vehicle safety. However, one of the major issues with brake fluid is that it can absorb water which will actually begin to destroy the integrity of your brakes. At this point, you'll start to notice your Mazda's stopping power begins to diminish and it takes your brake system longer to get your car to a complete stop. Contaminated brake fluid is a big problem that needs to get fixed ASAP with a proper brake system fluid exchange and flush by a certified Mazda technichian. 

What are the Symptoms of a Mazda Brake System Problem?

Driving with a faulty Mazda brakes is a huge safety concern for us at Scherer Mazda. If you have a problem in your Mazda brake system, it's very likely that you'll have at least one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Brake system warning light is on
  • Vibration when braking
  • Brake fluid leak
  • Harder or softer feel in the brake pedal
  • Burning smell
  • Nosediving or bouncing when coming to a stop
*Offers valid at Scherer Mazda only. Maintenance requirements, schedules and prices may vary by model. All prices are plus tax and shop supplies. Offer not valid with any other offer, discount or previous service/repairs.
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